Contact Lens Handling Kits

Contact lens tools offer a hygienic way to handle your lenses with ease. Tweezers and tongs help you safely and effectively remove lenses from their case, and applicators are ideal for anyone who may be uncomfortable touching their eyeballs. These cheap, simple tools can make your morning lens-care routine easier and safer.


Contact lens applicators help get your contact lenses from their case and into your eye with minimal contact with your fingers. Simply place the lens on your palm, round side up. Then lightly press the applicator tip to the lens. The lens will stay in place as you guide it onto your eye to release it. Applicators are especially useful for anyone with longer, manicured nails, or anyone uncomfortable touching their eyes.

Tongs & Tweezers

Tweezers and tongs are excellent tools that can help you remove your lenses from their case with ease. Both are made from soft plastic that does not damage the lens itself. These devices can be particularly useful for anyone with longer fingernails or who has difficulty taking the lenses out of their case. It’s necessary to sterilise these tools after every use. Our tweezers are available in four sizes so you can choose the pair that is most comfortable in your hand. Tweezers and tongs are not intended to remove lenses from your eyes.

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