Contact Lens Kits - All In One

Our contact lens kits with mirror feature tweezers for easier handling and application of lenses when travelling or away from home. Using tweezers helps minimize deposits on lenses that can cause discomfort and obscured vision. Store your lenses in a football-themed case, or one with a more elegant design.

What’s inside?

All of our contact lens kits contain an antibacterial lens case, mirror, and tweezers. Tweezers help you remove the lenses from their case safely while minimising contact with your fingers. Using tweezers can help avoid deposits on your lenses making it possible to enjoy completely clear vision.

What are the advantages?

Keep everything you need for handling lenses in one convenient box. Lens kits are small enough to carry in your handbag, gym bag, or pocket while you’re on the go. Kits are especially useful when travelling or on holiday, as anyone who’s ever attempted to remove lenses in flight can attest. And, for daily use, a lens kit can be a lifesaver at the office when eye strain from computer work means it’s time to switch to your glasses.

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