FAQ about Glasses and Sunglasses

Want to know more about our glasses and sunglasses? We’ve put together some frequently asked questions and answers for you. If you can’t find the info you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are here to help!

Ordering glasses and sunglasses online

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Ordering glasses and sunglasses online

Take a look below at the most common questions we get from customers for eyeglasses and sunglasses:

1. What is your service for glasses?

We offer a highly professional service for glasses and sunglasses online. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of frames and sunglasses from original brands. You can also have your frames fitted with prescription lenses and get complete prescription eyeglasses delivered to your door. All you need is a copy of your prescription after having an eye test by an ophthalmologist or optometrist to complete your order. We guarantee the best products at an excellent price, as well as reliable service.

2. Do you have shops I can visit?

We are an online shop, so we do not have any physical shops for you to visit. Learn more about the benefits of ordering online here.

3. Can I trust you over my optician?

We ourselves have seasoned opticians that will create your eyeglasses for you. We sell glasses all across Europe, and our eyewear meets the highest standards. We guarantee the same quality as you’ll find at your optician.

4. How can I try on glasses and get them tailored to fit my prescription?

Most of our frames can be tried using the virtual mirror. This virtual try-on tool uses your webcam and works just like a regular mirror: the camera captures your face and accurately applies the selected frames. You can even turn your head, and the frames will follow whichever way you’re facing. This allows you to see them from different angles, and it’ll look as if you were actually wearing them! To further make sure your glasses fit well, we’ve added sizes and dimensions to each of our frames. This will give you an idea of how big or small the frames are for you, and you’ll have a better comparison to your current eyeglasses. Once you’re satisfied, you can proceed with entering your prescription and selecting the lenses you need. And, you’ll also be able to add several features to your lenses.

5. Why do I have to pay upfront for eyeglasses?

Every prescription is unique and glasses are tailor-made according to your exact prescription. Therefore, because we cannot offer them elsewhere, they need to be paid for in advance.

6. I don’t know my prescription. Can you find out for me via my old glasses?

There is only way to find out your exact prescription: have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist or optometrist, which we suggest you do once every 6 months or so. Your eye care specialist will always provide you with a prescription or small note containing your exact parameters for vision correction. We are unable to determine your prescription from old glasses or by any other means.

7. Can I use my contact lens prescription?

No, there are specific differences between a prescription for lenses and one for glasses. Your eye care specialist needs to determine your parameters specifically for glasses via an eye exam.

8. I am a bit worried about making a mistake when I input my prescription. Can you help me?

Ordering prescription glasses online and navigating the order form may seem daunting at first. Our customer service is here to help you every step of the way; if you’re worried about making your order, please contact us immediately and send us a picture of your prescription. We are happy to help you correctly complete your order.

9. I already ordered and think I made a mistake. How can I change/cancel my order or fix this?

Contact our customer service immediately! Any order that hasn’t been processed can be amended. However, if it has already been processed, no further changes can be made. Please be careful when inputting your prescription, or contact us in advance so we can help you correctly input the necessary values.

10. What is the PD, and how do I find out mine?

This value shows the distance between your pupils in millimeters. The exact distance is important in order for us to correctly centre the lenses in an optimal position. For most people, the distance from pupil to the bridge of the nose is between 28-35 millimeters; however, there are exceptions. Your eye care specialist should also include your pupillary distance (PD) on your prescription as you’ll need it to place your order. Not every optometrist/ ophthalmologist does this, so be sure to ask. If your doctor or specialist has not added this to your prescription, you can measure it yourself with our online PD measurement aid, or print out our ruler. If you notice just 1 PD value on prescription, divide it by 2 to get the right and left eye's value (for example: 61/ 2 = 30.5).

For children, the PD tends to change over time so be sure to have your child’s eyes examined once every 6 months.

11. My prescription is showing something different from your order form. Can I indicate that somewhere?

Every prescription is different and, often, every eye care specialist has a unique way of taking notes. For example, some eye care specialists write (-) as (=). So, when in doubt, we highly recommend you contact us with your prescription before completing your order. We will help interpret your parameters and make note of any special needs regarding your order.

12. Can I send you my own frames to be fitted with your prescription lenses?

It is not possible for us to have our lenses fitted in frames that are not sold by us. We are only able to fit lenses into frames purchased from our shop.

13. Can I order just the prescription lenses without frames?

Prescription lenses need to be grinded and aligned to fit perfectly inside frames according to your prescription. It’s impossible to properly create and finish prescription lenses without centering and fitting them into a frame. If they have been fitted into a certain frame according to your exact needs, they cannot be transferred to another frame unless that frame is exactly the same. And, even in that case, the alignment may still be a little off, causing your vision to blur.

14. Can you send me my frame and my prescription lenses separately?

We cannot do this. In order to deliver quality prescription eyeglasses and guarantee sharp eyesight, we need to properly fit the appropriate lenses into the selected frames.

15. Can I order frames to be used as glasses without power, i.e. as an accessory?

It’s certainly possible to purchase prescription-free glasses in our shop. However, because our standard showroom lenses for our frames are not suitable for normal wear, we do advise that you have them equipped with proper lenses powered 0.00. Read more about how to order prescription-free glasses as an accessory here.

16. Do your glasses come with a case?

All of our glasses come with a case. It never hurts to have extras in order to keep your glasses in optimal condition, so be sure to check out our offer of accessories just “in case”.

17. Are all of your brands authentic?

We sell only original brands and products from renowned and trusted producers.

18. Do your sunglasses come with certificates and original cases?

All of our glasses and sunglasses come with tags, certificates, and/ or stickers, as well as original cases to further shore up their authenticity.

More on our lenses for prescription glasses

Learn more about the lenses with which we equip our eyeglasses:

19. Are your lenses created by a reliable producer?

We aim to deliver products that meet the highest quality standards. The manufacturer of our eyeglass lenses is the recognised European company Adrial that works with seasoned opticians who use state-of-the-art machinery to grind innovative eyeglass lenses, fit them into your selected frames, and quality-test them before shipment.

20. What are the lenses made from?

All prescription lenses are made from high-quality, durable plastic. We offer you the choice between lenses with a refraction index of 1,5 – 1,6 – 1,67, and 1,74. Material with a higher index is of a better quality, and thinner lenses with a higher refraction index are more advanced and lightweight; therefore, the more the refraction index goes up, the more expensive lenses get. In other words, if you select a lens with a higher index, you'll pay more, but the lens will be made more precisely to your needs.

21. What is the difference among the 4 choices of refraction index?

The Refractive Index of a lens refers to how the lens refracts (bends) light, which depends on how fast light travels through the material. A thinner lens can be used if the refractive index for a certain material is higher as we need less material to refract light properly. A lens with a higher index is made from better quality material, will weigh less, and be more comfortable. Depending on your dioptres, it may only be possible for you to wear eyeglasses with lenses of a certain refraction index as each index is not suited for each dioptric value.

22. Which coatings/treatments have been added to the lenses, and how much do they cost?

Our lenses come with a standard set of five advanced treatments without you having to pay extra: a UV filter, extra hardening, an anti-reflective coating, a hydrophobic coating, and a self-cleaning coating. Learn about our eyeglass lens treatments here.

23. How can I further upgrade my lenses?

When purchasing a pair of glasses with us, you can select and purchase extra properties-- including a blue-light-blocking filter, an ability to self-tint, or a prescription sunglasses tint- to enhance or change your lenses.

24. What does a blue-light-blocking filter do?

This filters and blocks blue light from digital devices such as phones, tablets, and computer screens. This will reduce eye fatigue, increase productivity, and improve sleep habits. Learn about blue light blocking glasses here.

25. What are self-tinting lenses?

Photochromic, transition, or self-tinting lenses shade according to changing light conditions. They are clear indoors and darken when exposed to UV rays. Learn about self-tinting lenses here.

26. Can I order prescription sunglass lenses?

We also offer the option to turn your glasses into proper prescription sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from UV rays and bright light. This will take your prescription lenses and permanently tint them. Based on how dark you want your prescription sunglasses to be, we offer you the choice of a 50, 75, or 85 percent tint. Lenses with an eighty-five percent tint are the equivalent of normal sunglasses in terms of their ability to shield your eyes from bright light.

Note: this converts your prescription lenses into prescription sunglass lenses. Therefore, this option is only available for frames and eyeglasses. Sunglasses cannot have their lenses turned into prescription sunglasses lenses.

27. Can I order progressive/mul­tifocal lenses, and do they have the same benefits as single vision lenses?

Yes. We offer you the option to order progressive lenses that correct both near and farsightedness. You can choose between four different variations of quality. All of our progressive lenses come with the same treatments and benefits as our single vision lenses.

28. Can I order lenses that correct astigmatism?

Yes. If you suffer from astigmatism and need toric lenses, your prescription will include a cylinder and axis value for each eye. Upon entering your prescription in our order form, you’ll see a cylinder and axis field where you can enter those values.

29. What do I do when I don’t need a cylinder or axis for my lenses?

In case you do not suffer from astigmatism, you won’t need to add a cylinder and axis to your lenses. However, you may have noticed our system asks for them anyway; you simply need to select 0.00 for cylinder and 0 for axis, and they won’t be added to your lenses.

30. Is it possible to choose lenses other than the ones your system suggests?

Our system selects lenses with an optimal refraction index according to your prescription. It is indeed possible to manually change this selection, but keep in mind that this may affect the final result. Your vision’s clarity cannot be fully guaranteed if you deviate from our system’s suggestion. Some dioptres simply don’t work with certain refractive indexes.

31. Is it possible to regrind lenses I previously bought and fit them into a new frame?

Glasses need to be made specifically for a certain frame in order to centre and align them properly. It’s almost impossible to make tailor-made lenses fit into a new frame without disrupting the alignment. So, it’s not possible for us to provide this service.

32. Why did I receive an extra pair of loose lenses with my glasses?

A pair of frames always comes with standard showroom demo lenses. However, these lenses are not suitable for wear. When creating your prescription eyeglasses, our opticians remove these demo lenses and fit your chosen frame with your prescription lenses. We don’t throw them away, however, and they are added to your purchase.

33. Why is there a symbol engraved into my lenses?

Multifocal lenses of the best possible quality are engraved in order to differentiate them from other lenses. This engravement is a proof of quality and will not hinder your vision in any way.

More on our sunglasses

Below are some of the most common questions regarding sunglasses:

34. Are all of your sunglasses UV protective, and is there a different level of protection for different lens colours?

We offer only fully functional sunglasses from renowned brands that provide all necessary protection. However, different lens colours do indeed have different uses and effects. Read more about the difference between lens colours for sunglasses here.

35. What's the difference between mirrored and polarised sunglasses?

Polarised lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, which, in effect, reduces glare and adds further protection for your eyes. Polarised sunglasses provide superior glare protection — especially on the water. Learn more about polarised sunglasses here.

The lenses covered in a mirrored coating help your vision by tempering bright light. Not only do mirrored lenses help protect your eyes, but the mirror effect will hide your eyes from the world and create a cool and mysterious vibe.

36. Can I turn a pair of sunglasses into prescription sunglasses?

No, but it is possible to turn prescription lenses available from our selection of eyeglass frames into prescription sunglass lenses. We also offer a selection of sun clip-ons for certain prescription eyeglasses.

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Delivery and returns

The following section clarifies some of the most common questions we receive regarding delivery and returns of eyeglasses and sunglasses. For general information and questions regarding ordering with us, take a look at our FAQ regarding your order.

37. How long does it take for my new prescription glasses to arrive?

When ordering glasses--after payment is input-- there are several steps that must happen. After receiving your order, our opticians will verify your prescription with our stock and start grinding lenses. Next, they’ll fit the lenses into your selected frames and properly test them. This process of spectacles creation usually takes between 3 and 7 business days, depending on the type of lens you’ve selected. Then, our opticians will ship the finished glasses to our central warehouse, from where they will be sent to you. For example, due to the large number of orders we received during the COVID-19 pandemic, a slower delivery time did, indeed, occur. Generally speaking, the delivery of eyeglasses will take between 7 and 14 business days.

38. How long does it take for my sunglasses to arrive?

Sunglasses do not require additional time for grinding, fitting, and testing, so they are delivered according to our normal delivery times.

39. Why did it take longer for my prescription glasses to get delivered?

Under normal circumstances, our opticians are able to ship your eyeglasses in a timely manner. However, we always strive to finish products according to the highest standards. In periods like the COVID-19 crisis, for example, restocking may be restricted due to regulations, and the number of orders may exceed the capacity of those our opticians can process per day. It’s also possible our suppliers might be delayed under no special circumstances. Therefore, delivery times are always subject to change.

40. How long does my warranty for glasses last?

Our glasses come with a standard warranty of two years. Sunglasses, frames and eyeglasses are delivered in optimal condition and have been thoroughly checked for quality before dispatch. In the rare case that one of these should arrive damaged or suffers from immediate defects, contact our customer service department, and we will review your case in order to help you. However, complaints about damage caused by improper use, incorrect care, or simply frequent use are not eligible for compensation or replacement.

41. What is your return policy for prescription eyeglasses?

Prescription lenses are manufactured based on specific individual requirements and, therefore, are not eligible for a refund. Only the frames qualify for a possible refund. This condition applies from the moment glasses have been paid for, regardless of shipping status. The frames may not be damaged. In case you have any issues, problems, or questions, be sure to contact our customer service for more information on how we may be able to assist you.

However, if you think the quality of your lenses is lacking or your lenses are defective in any way, we can have them sent for a quality-check. If a defect is discovered or they are deemed to be of poor quality, we will, of course, also replace or refund the lenses. Please refer to our general Terms & Conditions as well.

42. What is your return policy for sunglasses?

If you would like to return or exchange sunglasses or frames within 14 days from the date of receipt, we require that you return the complete product, including the case, the outer box, everything inside the box, any cleaning cloths, and any identifying stickers or tags. In other words, the product needs to be in exactly the same condition as it was upon receipt; otherwise, it is considered incomplete without any of these items, and a return or exchange will not be possible. Thank you for your understanding and compliance. Please refer to our general Terms & Conditions as well.