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HORIEN Contact lens solution

HORIEN is a multi-purpose solution designed to disinfect and preserve soft contact lenses. The solution is also suitable for sensitive eyes, as its pH level is similar to that of human tears. The solution is supplied in a pack of 360 ml volume with a contact lens case.

We also offer a larger package of Horien solution at a bargain price.

Disinfecting and cleaning system

HORIEN solution destroys harmful bacteria and uses the cleaning ingredients POLOXAMER and edetate, which remove protein deposits accumulated on the lenses during wear. The unique composition then ensures adequate moistening and lubrication of the lenses throughout the day.

Cleaning without rubbing

HORIEN solution cleans lenses and removes impurities without the need to rub the lenses in your palm before and after wearing. If not rubbed, the lenses must be placed in a case with Horien solution for at least 6 hours to achieve optimal disinfection.

Note: Most experts still recommend rubbing the lens in your palm with solution, as it is the most effective way to remove deposits. Please consult with your eye-care professional before beginning to use Horien solution.

Manufacturer: Haichang Contact Lens
Solution type: Universal
Volume: 360 ml
Usability after opening: 3 months
Expiration: 6 months and more
Preservatives: Yes


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