Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting the Alensa web site. Alensa is a part of the Alensa network, providing original, high-quality contact lenses and related products across Europe. This page contains all guidelines, conditions and terms to which you, the consumer, buyer and user of the Alensa web shop, agree to when using our website and when making a purchase here. Upon confirming a purchase on Alensa you will see a tick box signifying that you have read, understood these terms and conditions and that you consequently agree to them. More information or further explanation can be found on various informative pages on Alensa. We reserve the right to refer to further information included on these pages and assume that the customer has read and understood them.


  1. Introductory provisions
  2. Registration and operations of our web shop
  3. Use of our website and our promotions
  4. Purchase agreement and invoicing
  5. Payment and prices
  6. Problems with payment
  7. Delivery costs and other delivery notes
  8. Delivery times and information on the delivery of non-stock goods
  9. Problems with delivery
  10. Warranty, exchanges and returns
  11. Complaints about goods and services
  12. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  13. Withdrawal from the contract
  14. Privacy policy

Introductory Provisions

The terms and conditions below are applicable to shopping in the Alensa e-shop.

The terms and conditions define and specify the contractual relationship between the Buyer and the Seller. All contractual relations are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. If the contractual party is a consumer, all relationships that are not regulated hereby are governed by the Czech Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Coll.) and the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 634/1992 Coll.). If the party entering into the contract is a business, all relationships that are not defined herein are subject to the Czech Commercial Code (Act No. 513/1991 Coll.), all as amended.

The Terms and Conditions do not apply to cases where the Buyer is a legal person or a person who, when ordering goods, acts within the scope of his business or his own profession. Goods purchased on Alensa.ae are not intended for resale. The Seller does not issue invoices without VAT. The Buyer may only purchase a quantity of goods that corresponds to a normal need.
If the Buyer orders or purchases a quantity of goods that the Seller, based on available information, assesses as being for resale, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order. In the event that a purchase contract has already been concluded, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract. In this case, the Buyer and the Seller shall mutually refund all transactions carried out.

Registration and Operations of Alensa

All products and services are supplied by the main operator of the Alensa network. Our logistics centres are based in the Czech Republic. Our site Alensa is operated by Alensa s.r.o., registered at the following address:

Alensa s.r.o.
Českomoravská 2408/1a
190 00 Praha 9
CZ VAT number: CZ27179681

The Alensa trademark, all content on the website, all promotional material published by the Alensa brand are intellectual property of the main operator of the Alensa network and protected by copyright laws.

Use of Our Website and Our Promotions

Customers are free to use our website either as guests or as registered users. The customer is required to use our site responsibly and correctly, abiding by our terms and conditions. In case of misuse, Alensa has the right temporarily or permanently ban the user from using our website and services.

Correct use of our website

Alensa allows users to use our website only for lawful purposes:

  • Local, national, and international law must not be broken
  • Harm, fraud, unauthorised advertising in any form are prohibited
  • Sexually explicit content or content that is hateful, offensive, violent, discriminating, harassing, etc. is prohibited
  • Use under a false identity is not allowed

Users are free to make comments on our website. However, comments must not be intended to harm our reputation or the reputation of others, nor may they be intended to mislead or harass other users. Please also note that comments are not meant for advertising or misuse of promotions such as sharing, for example, dealer codes. Comments containing advertisements will be removed and blocked.

Discount regulations

Our referral program (dealer discount system) is no longer applicable because it has been terminated on 31.12.2018. Any credit gained in accordance with the program conditions will last until it has been spent.

In order to prevent misuse only one promotional code can be activated at any given time. Codes cannot be stacked. To check which code you have currently activated or to replace an active code by another promotional code, simply proceed to the "Promotional Code" field in your shopping basket.

Already discounted items are not eligible for further discounts. A discounted product can be identified via a strike-through or cross-out price, replaced by a reduced price. It is not possible to apply promo codes or additional discounts to these kinds of products.

Criminal offences and technical misuse

Users are strictly prohibited from introducing viruses or any other technologically harmful software to our website and from making any form of digital attack on our site or our servers. These forms of misuse are considered criminal offences and will be reported to the authorities. In the case of such an offence, Alensa will fully cooperate with the authorities and will provide them with all information required for full prosecution under the law.

Alensa will not be held accountable in the event that our website suffers damage from malicious software or digital attacks.

Purchase Agreement

Based on the Buyer's registration made on the Website, the Buyer can access his/her user interface. From his/her user interface, the Buyer can order goods. It is not possible to make a purchase without creating a User Account (registration).

The purchase contract is deemed concluded when the Buyer confirms his order within the order form which is available online. By placing an order with Alensa, the Buyer acknowledges that he has read these terms and conditions and complies with them. By completing a purchase and by ticking the box on your order that you have read and understand our terms and conditions, you are verifying that you are of legal age to enter into a binding contract and in possession of a valid prescription for the lenses you are ordering. You hereby confirm that the information you are providing is valid and exactly as prescribed by your eye-care professional. You also confirm that your prescription is less than 12 months old, as required by law. You, the customer, give your consent to our contacting your eye-care professional to verify your prescription information, if necessary. You understand that it is your responsibility to undergo regular eye examinations and maintain an up-to-date prescription. Alensa is not responsible for any consequences as a result of deviation from your prescription.

Proof of purchase & invoice notes

If the Buyer does not mention explicitly in the field „Note for the Seller“ that he requires a printed proof of purchase and a package leaflet, he agrees that they will be supplied in an electronic form only. Invoices can be downloaded from the user's personal profile on Alensa in the "My Orders" overview after an order has been dispatched. Additionally, invoices can always be obtained by contacting customer service. The Buyer has the possibility to distinguish the delivery address from the invoicing address and attach a note if necessary in the order form. These details are then automatically included in the tax document.

Alensa's address on any invoice will always be the address of the our main operator. This cannot be changed to a local address. Every invoice will be dated on the day the order is shipped and never on the day the order was made. The date on the invoice cannot be altered by Alensa. It is possible to include additional information on an invoice, such as date of birth or the name of a child, for example. However, in order to include this kind of information, the buyer is responsible for writing this in the field "Note for the Seller" when making the order. Invoices will not be amended.

Alensa provides customers with one invoice for every order. If the buyer requires more than one, or different invoices, he/she will be required to make separate orders.

Payment and Prices

You can choose from the following payments methods to complete your order:

  • Credit Card: Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express

Secure payment

All payments will be executed in a safe and secure manner. Your personal information will only be used to establish the payment and will not be passed on to third parties.

Online payment

If you choose to pay online by credit or debit card, you will be redirected to our partner's secure web page, where you can enter your details to execute the payment. All information you enter here is safely encrypted. Please be aware that this secure payment link is only active for a limited time. If the time has expired, you will need to access your order through your personal account on our website and attempt payment again. If you select PayPal as your method of payment, you will be directed to PayPal's own secure payment page. In case Alensa needs to refund you, this will be done automatically.

Prices on Alensa

All prices for products and delivery displayed in the online shop are inclusive of VAT. Any promotions and discounts are valid for as long as they are mentioned on the Alensa website. The Operator reserves the right to correct the price of the products prior to dispatch if it is found that the products have been offered at an incorrect price. In this case, the customer must be informed of the correct price and must agree to the price adjustment. Otherwise, the purchase contract will not be concluded and the order will be cancelled by the operator.

Alensa reserves the right to modify prices, depending on the changing market, competition, demands of the producer, etc. We strive to maintain the lowest prices on the UAE market. Customers are free to make a request to lower prices so long as all condition stated on the Lowest Price guarantee page have been respected.

Problems with Payment

- First, check with your bank or PayPal account to see if the transaction has gone through and to address any technical issues with your payment.
- If your payment was successful but does not appear as paid in our system, please contact us at info@alensa.ae, and we will validate your payment with our accounting department.
- If you have issues with the payment page, try accessing your Alensa account from a different browser or device.

Delivery Costs and Notes

Delivery costs

DHL Express

Orders under AED 499

AED 59

Orders over AED 499


UPS Express

Orders under AED 499

AED 39

Orders over AED 499



  • Delivery is FREE with Aramex courier for orders over AED 200
  • The price of postage is including VAT
  • The price is final, no matter what the payment method, and includes packing and shipping
  • Shipping costs are NOT dependent on overall size and weight of the order
  • Shipments will only be dispatched when payment is complete

Additional service: parcel insurance

For an additional fee, you have the option to insure your parcel. This insurance covers packages in the event that they are lost or damaged in transit. This means that as soon as we confirm that your parcel is lost or damaged in any way, we will immediately dispatch a new parcel containing the same goods, without the need to first initiate the lengthy claim protocol described below. If your order contains special custom-made goods such as custom eyeglasses or unique lens combinations, keep in mind that these will take additional time to prepare.

Additional service: fast-track dispatch

For an additional fee, we will make sure that your parcel is prepared and dispatched with a higher priority than regular orders. Special custom-made orders such as custom eyeglasses or unique lens combinations will also receive an increased priority, but will still require additional time to prepare.

Alensa occasionally offers free delivery promotions. Special offers and prices are valid as listed on the Alensa website, in mailing campaigns or on social media at the moment of purchase. The duration and conditions of each promotion will be clearly stated at the time of the promotions. These must be respected in order for the promotion to apply.

Shipment outside United Arab Emirates

We do not ship to other countries through this e-shop.

Shipment after payment

Alensa will only ship parcels after payment has been received. You can read more about this on our payment methods page. Some specific contact lens parameters, due to their rarity, may not be in stock at the moment of purchase. Alensa will reserve these lenses for the customer and immediately order them directly from the producer. Payment is taken at the time of order, not at the time of dispatch. Payment for out-of-stock items must be taken immediately to confirm your reservation of these items.

Adding products

Please note that, considering the large volume of orders processed by our warehouse, we cannot guarantee the possibility to merge or change finalised orders. If you wish to merge more than one order, or add to or amend a completed order, please contact our customer service immediately, and we will assess the possibility on a case-by-case basis. This is only possible during customer service hours of operation (8am-4pm). Your order is considered complete at the moment of payment. If you wish to add something, you will need to make a new order, and additional, standard delivery charges will apply.

Delivery Times

Delivery service Estimated delivery time
DHL Express 1–4 business days from shipment date
UPS Express 1–3 business days from shipment date


  • If your order was placed before noon it will be shipped on the day you placed it
  • If your order was placed after 12 o’clock it will be shipped on the following business day
  • You will receive a track and trace number/link allowing you to follow the shipment online
  • Orders are not dispatched on weekends
  • Estimated delivery times apply from the moment a parcel is shipped and not from the moment an order is made
  • The parcels of customer that have purchased 'fast-track dispatch' will processed before regular orders

Tracking your parcel

Because Alensa processes a large number of orders every day, the customer is responsible for tracking his own shipment. You will receive a track and trace number allowing you to follow the shipment online. In case you have not received this code in the e-mail confirming that your order has been dispatched, you must contact our customer service. They will provide you with a tracking code upon request.

Delivery times of non-stock goods

Some contact lenses with unique parameter combinations might not be in stock. We will reserve these for you and order them directly from the producer. This means they will have a longer estimated delivery time. The dispatching of special contact lenses that are not stocked frequently depends on the delivery conditions of our suppliers and can take up to 2-4 weeks.

When choosing and ordering your lenses, you will be shown an indication of the expected shipping date on the product page. This may change once you have selected the parameters for your contact lenses. The customer is responsible for monitoring this closely during the process of ordering.

Alensa non-stock products delivery times Alensa non-stock products delivery times

After you have selected your specific parameters, you will be shown a new estimated shipping time for those parameters, as shown above. Please note that the „in stock“ info indicates the general availability of a product from our company. It does not necessarily mean that your unique combination will be in stock. Please only refer to the expected shipping date revealed next to the drop-down menus for shipping information pertaining to your specific order. Any expected delay in delivery will be reconfirmed upon continuing to the shopping basket page, and again in the order confirmation e-mail. The customer will be made aware if only part of his order is in stock at the time of order confirmation, and the order will be sent only when all products are available. Alensa has the right to adjust availability and estimated delivery times after the order has been made.

Orders containing both in-stock and non-stock goods

After selecting the correct parameters for each of your desired products and before finalizing and paying for the order, the customer is required to pay very close attention to the estimated delivery time for each individual product in his shopping basket.

There may be situations where a manufacturer is experiencing operational complications and our warehouse supply is not fully covered. The delivery time always depends directly on the conditions of our suppliers and can take several weeks. Non-stock items include contact lenses on order, lenses with very unusual dioptric parameters, etc., which we do not physically stock. The dispatch times are indicative and based on the most recent period. This indicates the expected date of dispatch of the products from our warehouse and is part of the table where the Buyer enters the dioptric parameters.

Preview of the dispatch data:
Alensa non-stock products delivery times basket Alensa non-stock products delivery times basket

By confirming and completing payment for the order, the customer agrees that the entire order will be shipped only after all products are in stock. The dispatching of stock products before the dispatching of non-stock products is possible; however, it must be at the express request of the customer to a customer service agent. If desired, the customer must pay an extra delivery fee (equal to regular delivery costs) to receive the stock goods before the non-stock goods.

Problems with Delivery

DHL Express and UPS Express requires a signature upon delivery. Please ensure someone will be present at your delivery address during business hours Monday - Friday. Deliveries are not made on weekends.

We are not responsible for any delay in delivery caused by our logistical partners or situations beyond our control such as weather, holidays, etc. Please bear in mind we are providing an estimated delivery date suggested by our delivery partners. In rare situations, some parcels can arrive outside of the suggested timeframe. To ensure the smoothest possible delivery, please provide your complete address information (street name, house number, postal code and city) and a telephone number so our logistics partners can reach you, if necessary. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a track and trace number where you can follow your shipment online. Do not hesitate to contact us if you notice any problems in the track and trace. Our customer service representatives will handle your questions promptly and efficiently.

If a parcel cannot be delivered for any reason, it may be held in a local post office or logistics centre for redelivery or collection. If unclaimed, the parcel may be returned to us or destroyed. Therefore, it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the parcel will be received at the given address and to communicate with the delivery company directly with any inquiries once the parcel is in transit or stored. Destroyed parcels will not be replaced or refunded.

Claim protocol

Should a parcel be determined to be lost, missing, or delivered incorrectly, we will initiate a claim with our delivery partner(s) on your behalf. In order to initiate the claim, two confirmations are necessary: 1.) a signed affidavit from the customer stating that the parcel was not received, sent to us within 20 days following the alleged delivery; 2.) verification from the delivery company that the parcel has been mishandled.

Once the claim is in progress, we will quickly issue you a refund or send a new order, as you prefer. We will not process refunds or send new parcels while a current parcel is in transit and until it is officially declared lost by the courier. However, if you have purchased our parcel insurance, we will be able to immediately dispatch a new parcel and you will not have to wait until your claim has been processed.

Damaged packaging

Contact lenses and accessories are delivered in a sturdy container of sufficient size to ensure they are delivered undamaged and in good condition. However, if the box is damaged upon delivery, DO NOT ACCEPT the package from the courier, and specify the reason in the delivery protocol, such as „substantial damage to the box,“ „liquid leak“ etc. Please contact us immediately so we can quickly respond to the problem and provide you with a new delivery.

Warranty and Returns

If the purchased item, its packaging, or instructions for use attached to it state an expiration date in accordance with special legal regulations, the warranty period shall end on the expiration date. We usually supply contact lenses with an expiration date longer than 24 months. The use-by date is printed on every product and its packaging. If you have any questions about these use-by dates, please contact our customer service help desk at info@alensa.ae.

Returns must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  • You are only able to return products purchased from this web shop
  • Lens boxes and the original packing must be unopened, sealed, undamaged and in re-sellable condition*
  • The complete goods must be returned without any missing components
  • The return of glasses and sunglasses is specified below
  • Customer service must always be contacted before returning goods
  • Products returned during the statutory cancellation period (within 14 days of receipt) will be fully refunded (a stated later in these terms and conditions)
  • Returns of unopened goods made after the legal 14-day withdrawal period has ended, will be assessed depending on the warranty and expiration date of the products (as stated before, the product needs to be re-sellable). However, the products must be returned to Alensa.ae no longer than 365 days from the original purchase date
  • If Alensa has made an error and sent the wrong products, you are required to report this to customer service within 30 days of receipt of the goods
  • *in compliance with EU health and safety regulations

The return policy applies to:

  • Returns made within the statutory cancellation period (14 days)
  • Returns of unopened, unused, undamaged goods within warranty
  • Wrongly delivered products (to be reported within 30 days of receipt)
  • TopVue and Gelone money back guarantee
  • Products to be sent for a quality check

The customer is required to follow all guidelines stated on the return policy page when returning a product. Make sure you receive a track and trace receipt for this return and/or a proof of returning the parcel! Our customer service department will ask you about this if you might suspect that something went wrong with your return.

The return of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses:

Our glasses come with a warranty of two years. The goods must not be used or damaged. The original packaging must not be destroyed. If you would like to return or exchange sunglasses or frames, we require that you return the complete product, including the case, the outer box, everything inside the box, any cleaning cloths, and any identifying stickers or tags. In other words, the product needs to be in exactly the same condition as it was upon receipt. The product is considered incomplete without any of these items. In case of any missing or damaged items, a return or exchange will not be possible. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Sunglasses, frames and eyeglasses are delivered in optimal condition and have been thoroughly checked for quality before dispatch. In the rare case that one of these should arrive damaged or suffers from immediate defects, contact the customer service and we will review the case in order to help you. However, complaints about damage caused by improper use, incorrect care, or normal wear and frequent use, are not eligible for compensation. Additional discounts or compensation cannot be given for damage caused by the customer themselves.

Prescription lenses are manufactured based on specific individual requirements and are, therefore, not eligible for returns. Only the frames qualify for a possible refund. This condition applies from the moment glasses have been paid for, regardless of shipping status.

The Buyer also acknowledges that in the case of the purchase of a separate eyeglass frame, the Seller shall not be liable for damage to the frame caused by unprofessional grinding of the lenses by a third party.

Every return must follow this procedure:

Alensa is not responsible for returns that have not followed the procedure stated here. First, please contact our customer service via the contact form on the website or via mail to explain the reason for returning as well as provide any additional information needed (order number, complete description of the items, etc.) Our staff will review your request to ensure that it meets all criteria and will advise you on how to proceed.

Our customer service representatives strive to reply within 1–2 business days. When your return has been approved, you will receive instructions on how to return your order. If the return is due to the eshop's error, your postage will be refunded as soon as we have confirmation of your return.

The return procedure follows 4 steps:

  1. Validate your return by contacting customer service
  2. Our customer service will provide you with return instructions
  3. Securely pack your parcel and follow these instructions
  4. Ship your parcel back to us

Please, send unopened and undamaged packages of contact lenses (or lens solutions) by post in a sturdy box, not an envelope, to ensure they will not be damaged during transit. Include a proof of purchase from Alensa. If you have paid online, the refund will be issued automatically to your PayPal account, or the card from which the payment was made.

Price of returns

The customer bears responsibility for the shipping costs associated with returning the product(s). Alensa does not provide a prepaid option for returns of products ordered incorrectly or no longer needed. However, if Alensa is deemed to be at fault as the seller, any costs for returning will be covered.

Processing time for returns

Alensa will confirm that we have received your returned items and update you on the status of your new order. We strive to verify all returns within 30 days. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you feel there is any delay.

Please note that the return procedure will take slightly longer when returning sunglasses in their original and undamaged packaging. This is due to the fact that the authenticity and condition of returned sunglasses must first be thoroughly investigated and verified by our main stock department.

The buyer agrees to respect the processing time needed for each return.

Complaints about Goods and Services

Alensa will not accept complaints in cases where the product has already been discarded and cannot be investigated. Please refrain from disposing of suspected faulty products and provide photographic evidence of any visible fault or damage. In case of complaint, the buyer must first notify our customer service department, at which point they will be advised how to proceed. If a product needs to be returned, the customer should follow the procedure stated on our exchange and return policy page.

Complaints about TopVue and Gelone products are usually handled according to the terms of our TopVue and Gelone money back guarantee as long as all conditions have been met.

Alensa is an online seller dealing in contact lenses and related products, not an optician or professional medical entity. This means that it is legally not possible for us to supply trial lenses or replace individual lenses. Alensa is only able to deal with complete packages.

Suspected faulty lenses or complaints about quality

If you have any complaints about the quality of your lenses (redness, blurred vision, uncomfortable feeling, dryness), we can send the lenses to the manufacturer who will then execute a thorough quality check of the lenses in question. Please note that this process will take up to a month, as we wait on the final result from the producer. Some lenses may need to be sent abroad for analysis, which can also impact the length of this process, however any kind of claim will be handled within 30 days. When a manufacturing error is recognized, we will send you new lenses with the same parameter combination for free. If, however, it is determined there is no manufacturing error, we cannot refund you for the lenses or send a new pair.

If you wish to return a damaged or faulty product, please pack it in a stiff box and send it by registered post. This is to prevent damage during transport. Lenses that have been further damaged in transit will not be accepted, refunded, nor replaced. In order for the producer to perform a complete check, you will need to send the lenses and ALL packaging, including original box and any remaining, unopened blisters printed with the products' LOT number. If you wish to return any contact lens that has been unpacked (or used), it should be prevented from drying out during transport. Place the lens in a case with solution and close it firmly. As each return case is unique, we advise that you to contact our customer service help desk beforehand to stipulate the exact details of the return (how many lenses will be returned, was the package opened or unopened, will the box be included in the return, communication of the LOT number, ...) at info@alensa.ae. The item(s) you wish to return should be accompanied by a letter describing the product’s fault and the expected result (a refund by the producer or replacement lenses).

Please be aware when making a claim regarding possible faulty lenses, that you will be asked to provide a valid prescription. Although there is no need to present your prescription when purchasing lenses online, you must always be in possession of a valid prescription no older than one year old. When a quality check is performed, this prescription is required to verify whether the dioptres of the lenses you've purchased match your actual prescription or not.

If a defect appears within six months of receipt and it has been clearly identified as being a genuine defect, the goods shall be deemed to have been defective upon receipt. The buyer is entitled to exercise the right to claim a defect within 24 months of receipt.

Dissatisfaction due to having received wrong parameters

Always contact the customer service immediately if you see you have received the wrong parameters, preferably before opening any of your boxes. In case we have sent you the wrong parameters, due to an error of our own, you will be refunded or sent new lenses at no additional cost. However, in case you, the customer, have made a mistake during the ordering process, and the lenses you have ordered don't match the prescribed parameters from your optometrist, Alensa can only replace or refund them if they are unopened and haven't been used. You are required to be in possession of an official prescription no older than 1 year old. Please pay close attention while ordering as to not input the wrong values. In case of dispute, Alensa has the right to ask for your prescription and verify it with your actual order.

Complaints about having received the wrong product can only be made within 30 days after the delivery date of that product. Complaints made later than 30 days after having received the product will no longer be accepted. We recommend you to therefore always check your product immediately upon receipt and contact us as soon as possible if a mistake has been made.

Dissatisfaction with a new brand of lenses

Switching to a new brand of contact lenses, even if recommended by a specialist, carries a risk that this new brand may not fit the wearer. The seller is not liable for any medical complications or discomfort that can result from wearing an unprescribed brand of lenses. Always consult with your ophthalmologist or optician before attempting new lenses. Each user can have a different experience with the same type of lenses. Alensa does not take responsibility for any problems experienced with lenses bought without consulting an optician or doctor beforehand. Customers are always expected to be in possession of a valid prescription and to purchase only the lenses that have been prescribed by their eye-care professional, without deviation. This also applies to lens solutions, eye drops and sprays.

We only exchange or refund contact lenses or other products if the packaging is unopened and undamaged.

Dissatisfaction with the effect of coloured lenses

The ultimate effect of wearing coloured lenses is very subjective and may vary according to numerous conditions and influences. First, the effect will be influenced by the pigmentation of your eyes. Second, it can be influenced by external factors, such as light conditions, make-up and clothing choices. Furthermore, the type of coloured lenses (enhancing or opaque) may produce a different result on the coverage of your natural eye colour. Because it is impossible to predict the result for each individual, we do not provide refunds on coloured lenses on the basis of dissatisfaction with appearance. The customer agrees, upon purchase, that coloured lenses are non-refundable, unless a manufacturing error or defect is recognised by the manufacturer.

Complaints about sunglasses, frames and eyeglasses

Sunglasses, frames and eyeglasses are delivered in optimal condition and have been thoroughly checked for quality before dispatch. In the rare case that one of these should arrive damaged or suffers from immediate defects, contact the customer service and we will review the case in order to help you. However, complaints about damage caused by improper use, incorrect care, or normal wear and frequent use, are not eligible for compensation. Additional discounts or compensation cannot be given for damage caused by the customer themselves.

However, if you think the quality of your eyeglass lenses is lacking or your lenses are defective in any way, we can have them sent for a quality-check. If a defect is discovered or they are deemed to be of poor quality, we will, of course, replace or refund the lenses.

For quality claims regarding single vision prescription lenses, contact our customer service first and make sure to include a valid prescription - no older than 1 year old. When a quality check is performed, this prescription is required to verify whether the dioptres of the lenses you've purchased match your actual prescription or not. You will be asked to return your goods in their entirety (the frame, the eyeglass lenses, the included accessories, any labels of leaflets, etc…). Do not remove the lenses from the frame!

For quality claims regarding multifocal / progressive lenses, contact our customer service first and make sure to include a valid prescription - no older than 1 year old. Also include a frontal photo that depicts you wearing the glasses (to be used for better centering) and a photo from the side that depicts you wearing the glasses (to be used to determine the angle of the frame). You will also be asked to return your goods in their entirety (the frame, the eyeglass lenses, the included accessories, any labels of leaflets, the little blue paper bags in which you received the demo lenses, the blue card, etc…). Do not remove the lenses from the frame!

Please return the advertised glasses in the original case, including the cleaning cloth.

Returns that have been tampered with and/or have missing components cannot be accepted. Always contact our customer service before returning glasses!

Complaints about our website and its content

Alensa reserves the right to alter the content of our website at any given time. We aim to provide our customers with up-to-date information, but cannot be held accountable for temporarily misrepresented info or mistakes. This also applies to technical problems caused by malicious attacks or software (viruses, hackers, etc.). If you find any issues with our website or its content, please notify our customer service so that we can rectify these issues.

Comments made by customers on our website do not represent the views, opinions, or positions of Alensa and must be considered subjective. Such comments must not be interpreted as guidelines or advice in any way. Alensa will attempt to edit, correct, or address any potentially misleading or incorrect information. Problematic or abusive users will be dealt with.

Photos on the website are meant to illustrate a real version of the products on offer but are not photos of the exact product the customer will receive. Product photos that display item numbers, expiration dates, etc. will, when ordered, have different numbers unique to your version of the product. Some of our products are also produced in several facilities across different locations, all owned by the same original producer. A product photo may show location differences from the product you received. These kinds of location-dependant/time-dependant/unique identification differences in no way mean that the product you've received is somehow not what it should be. Claims based on these kinds of logical, self-evident print differences between website photos and received products will not be accepted.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The consumer has the right to demand Alternative Dispute Resolution if they are not satisfied with the result of a complaint or if they believe that the seller violated their consumer rights. They can contact the seller by email on info@alensa.ae. If the seller refuses to conduct the correction or does not reply to the query within a 30-day period, the consumer has the right to submit a complaint to an Alternative Dispute Resolution entity (ADR entity), legally bound by European Union law (S.I. no. 343 of 2015). The complaint can be submitted as detailed in European Union law (S.I. no. 343 of 2015).

The consumer can also submit a complaint online via the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR platform) - https://ec.europa.eu/…in/index.cfm?…

The definition of ‘consumer’ for the purposes of Alternative Dispute Resolution covers natural persons who are acting outside their trade, business, craft or profession. However, if the contract is concluded for purposes partly within and partly outside the person’s trade (dual purpose contracts) and the trade purpose is so limited as not to be predominant in the overall context of the supply, that person should also be considered as a consumer. Alternative Dispute Resolution shall apply to procedures for the out-of-court resolution of disputes concerning contractual obligations stemming from sales contracts or service contracts between a trader and a consumer. Alternative Dispute Resolution shall apply to long-distance purchase contracts only. Alternative Dispute Resolution shall not apply to disputes where the value of the claim does not exceed €20. The ADR entity can apply a nominal fee to the consumer for filing the complaint which cannot exceed €5 including VAT.

Withdrawal from the Contract

Under EU law, everyone has the right to withdraw from a contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Buyer must observe the following conditions:

Returned goods must be complete

The goods must not be used or damaged. The original packing must not be opened. If the consumer opens the original packing, then the product can no longer be used for hygiene and safety reasons. Such a product is no longer re-sellable and cannot be returned. This excludes sunglasses and glasses frames. If you would like to return or exchange sunglasses or glasses frames within 14 days from your date of receipt of the goods, we require that you return the complete product, including glasses case, outer box, inserts, cleaning cloths, and any identifying stickers or tags. The product is considered incomplete without all of these items, and as such, and a return or exchange will not be made. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Prescription lenses are manufactured based on specific individual requirements and are, therefore, not eligible for returns. Only the frames qualify for a possible refund. This condition applies from the moment glasses have been paid for , regardless of shipping status.

Required documentation

Please enclose the proof of purchase issued by Alensa, its copy or your order number. Don't forget to include your bank account number, if necessary.

Goods must be returned in the original condition

Please send the returned goods in a stiff, cardboard box rather than an envelope (even if it is an anti-shock envelope). If the shipment suffers damage during transport, we are not obliged to accept it. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, if the Buyer observes the conditions above, he will receive a full refund including the original shipping costs. The Buyer shall bear only the costs incurred in returning the goods. The refund will be credited to the customer's account within 2–10 days of receipt of the returned goods in a resellable condition.

Price and procedure for returns

If all necessary conditions have been met, the buyer will be issued a full refund. All returns must be processed in accordance with the information and conditions stated on our exchange and return policy page.

Privacy Policy

The protection and processing of personal data is governed by the following privacy policy.